Borage or Borago officinalis originates from the eastern Mediteranean, but is now widely cultivated.
Borage has fuzzy, oval shaped leaves and flowers that bloom bright blue.

  • Plant has mucilage, works as a blood purifier, cardiotonic, and calmative. Also used for coughs and depression.1


  • Both young leaves and flowers can be used
  • Borage is best used fresh or frozen, especially young leaves
  • Flowers are used fresh or candied
  • Fresh leaves have strongest scent and wilt quickly, so should be used quickly
  • Can replace cucumber in salads
  • Turns vinegar (acids?) blue when they come in contact with borage
  • Flowers can be used fresh or candied as a garnish (salads, soups, punch bowls, etc)


  • A summer herb due to flavors


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